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DRINK MORE WATER. Pop Shop welcomes Miss Nina Marinick to the blog spotlight! Over the years, her work has slowly creeped into the scene and the streets of Houston. Symbols and slogans by her will be way recognizable to you after this interview. She’s everywhere!

"Know Nina Marinick"

"In the midst of all the HAA public art controversy, the Houston arts community may not have noticed a more private art addition to the city. Art League Houston (ALH) recently unveiled new artwork in its restrooms!"

"Bathroom Art! ALH is Now the Snazzy Place to Pee" by Paula Newton

BEA : Where do you gather most of the inspiration for your works?

NINA : I gather my inspiration through every aspect of my life. Lately I am practicing self reflection, but I am inspired by all. I know that is a very broad answer, but I mean it. I am inspired by the constant search to know more, to spread words and ideas, to find peace and purpose.

"Exploring KN0WME"

"The void, the beginning of all creation, complete upheaval, the abyss; Chaos. This is ultimately what I felt and found while creating this mural - all intention seemed out the window, and I surrendered to circumstance of space, time, and outside influence."

"CHAOS: Nina Marinick

March 10 - April 14, 2018

Ultimately, I relate change to the chaos. If all things come from chaos, and chaos is the beginning of all things, then throw me in it, please. Sometimes change is really great, and sometimes it feels really terrible, but it always balances itself out; a lot of the best things come from dark and messy places.


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